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AAA Construction School – Your One Stop Learning Institute For Contractor Exam Preparation

Many want to make money in the contractor industry, but with looming licensing issues and strict regulations, it can be difficult for someone to sign up for this profession without proper licenses. One has to pass all parts of the examination within four years, starting with the first scheduled examination date.

So if you are looking for a place that offers the best Florida construction school classes for the Contractor Exam Preparation, AAA construction school is here. We at AAA Construction General Contractor School in Orlando are dedicated to producing quality results that lead to success in everything we do.

Don’t worry if you are not getting any success because we are providing a one-stop learning solution for contractor exam preparation. We have an excellent reputation and a proven track record in preparing students for Florida contractor exams.

Exam Preparation

It’s the primary goal of our institute to help you with your preparation and crack the exam. Our video classes cover every essential detail required for passing the different Florida Contractor Licensing exams. Choose from our variety of courses and surprise your loved ones.

  • Jax Classes
  • Orlando G/B/R Classes
  • Financial Responsibility and Stability
  • Miami – Dade
  • Home Inspection, etc.

Book Store

Some can get the concepts easily through videos, but there are individuals who understand things better when reading. For such people, we have made study materials available for the Florida State, Florida Counties, Prov Books, Alabama, Georgia, and so on. You can check out the booklist from the Books/ Supplies section on our website.

Application Submission

Facing problems in application submission for any Florida construction exam? Worry no more, because you can use our platform for submitting applications without any hassle.

In what other ways can AAA construction school help?

Do you want to apply for the licence bond? We can make that process easy for you too. Not only that, we try to assist with the incorporation, background screening, and creation of credit reports as well. Eventually, our focus is on smoothing the path for the individuals interested in the Florida Construction examination. And we are doing this through every possible way.

Learn from the Best!

With our experienced instructors, study materials, and books, we make sure that you get the best learning experience. Offering hands-on classes instead of boring lectures and giving you the confidence to succeed in the exam. We are preparing individuals to get the licence and make an impact as a part of the industry.

Till date, we have delivered exceptional results to our clients. In the 34 years of service, more than 76,000 people have gotten contractor licenses with the help of our classes.

We have a success rate of 98%, so it’s up to you now whether you want to study yourself or choose us from among all the Construction Schools in Florida.

For more details about our courses, please visit our website or call us at 904-722-994.

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34 Arlington Road South, Jacksonville, Florida 32216,32216,Florida

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